Stepping back into the game,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I just haven’t been getting into a groove of watching films and wanting to post them to the world- but this year might be a new one.

Going through my facebook feed earlier today, I came across an article posted by the Globe and Mail, talking about the fact of Quebecois films not being able to express themselves into other provinces.

Here’s the article:

It ignited a thought process of how difficult it would be to create an independent theater in smaller communities, to express films like theses and others.  If there  is anyone out there knowing the inside and outs of creating something like this, I would deeply interested in a conversation of the in and outs.

Perhaps I should be pushing myself to attend the random film screenings someone holds at the local community center, I might learn something about the local movie goers-

A few paragraphs that strike a cord with me from this article are:

“We still struggle to find our audience here in Canada. Maybe there’s work to do in terms of labelling these films, marketing them so the audience doesn’t care too much about where it comes from, just that they want to see a good film,” says Philippe Falardeau, director of My Internship in Canada. His comedy received a rare wide release this past fall, playing not only in Quebec, but across the country – a fact the director attributes partly to the film’s easy comedy trappings, its political focus in an election year and the recognizability of its star, Bon Cop BadCop’s Patrick Huard.

“But the question could also work in reverse: How can we promote English-language films in Quebec? It’s the same problem,” Falardeau adds, joking that Canadian films are like Canadian beers: There are great products all over the country, they just don’t cross provincial borders. (The fact that he admits he first made this quip when accepting a prize at the 2007 Genie Awards only makes the allegory more depressing.)

Films that were mentioned in the article that I should watch on a lonely night:

  1. My Internship in Canada
  2. The Forbidden Room
  3. Les démons
  4. Hyena Road
  5. Beeba Boys
  6. Maps to the Stars
  7. Laurence Anyways
  8. Café de Flore
  9. Tu dors Nicole
  10. Monsieur Lazhar
  11. Bon Cop Bad Cop
  12. Les êtres chers

Hopefully to build more and review more during this new year!


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