Like Water For Chocolate/ Como Aqua Para Chocolate (1992), Alfonso Arau

like_water_for_chocolate_1993_580x859_6378Like Water for Chocolate, is a film based off a book of the same name and written by Laura Esquivel. The Film, directed and produced by Alfonso Arau, is fantasy mixed with a surreal romance surrounding the lives of a family who live on a ranch in the middle of Mexico.

The film starts out with the birth of Tita. Being the youngest of three daughters, she is set  to not marry and look after her mother until the said mother dies. The mother in question, is Mama Elena. I’m having a hard time trying to set her in a specific character, but she’s strict and hard like a brick, but has broken loves to blame for it.

Tita finds her true love young. The scene involves everyone around the table outside, and this young man- Pedro eyes her one, steals her heart and from that moment one, the viewer now knows that they were meant to be. It was so obvious, but it’s one of the problems that carries on in various branches of the plot.  (Of couurrrrrrrrse)

The most obvious is years later, Pedro and his father is asking Tita’s mother for her hand in marriage. Mama Elena says no, and this leads to this dumbass Pedro thinking that if he can’t have Tita, he will marry her sister, Rosura. Why? Because it’s the only way to be close to her, without actually marrying her. This causes a huge emotional confusion for Tita and she cries and cries while making the couple’s wedding cake. This causes vomiting, crying and the longer for ones true love to anyone who eats it. The whole wedding party comes down with this sickness.

There is this literately sense in the film, where if Tita is feeling any strong emotion while cooking, it infuses into the meal she’s making and affects anyone who eats it. I adore it. It gives a real translation to “Cooking with Love” and branches out to the rest of the spectrum,  to whether she’s upset or even turned on.

The rest of of the film is spent bouncing back and forth. The hostile relationship between Mama Elena and Tita is a major one. The relationship between Rosura and Tita is another one. Honestly, I don’t know why Rosura agreed to marry Pedro. It baffles me. She’s just a bitch.

A positive note, is the comic relief of the middle sister- Gertrudis. There’s this ridiculous moment in the film where she’s feeling the effects of Tita’s “passionate” meal, and she runs outside to shower and cool herself off. While in this make-shift shower, she is set to flames by the revolutionaries. She runs outside, butt naked and into the manly man on the horse and off into the sunset. This man turns to eventually be her husband and she later becomes the general. Great, isn’t it?

The film ends bitter-sweet and unfortunate in the end.  You think they should end up together, but they only do for just a couple minutes. Whch is cool, because I’m still under the impression Tita deserves better.

Good movie though, you should watch it.






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