Roller Town (2012), Andrew Bush


Roller Town is a Canadian Comedy, directed by Andrew Bush and staring many actors from a famous Youtube channel account, Picnic Face.

My good friend and I won tickets for an early showing a couple years ago, and we decked ourselves out with expensive ice cream and coke, and felt special sitting in a theatre with a very limited number of viewers. Just breath that in, coke and ice cream, your best friend with red hair and the walk down town from a house we were sharing. Another friend tried to sneak in, but atlas, it didn’t work.  That’s the setting.

Now,  for the film.  The story revolves around a small town and its strong roller blading culture. The culture is so big, that you have the divide between “classically trained roller blading” and “rough/disco roller blading”. Obviously, that creates a split between the main characters who are then slowly introduced into the story.

The main guy, Leo, wears roller skates all the time. It’s his world. He’s recently been turned down by a fancy ass skating school. It’s around this time, he meets his main love of the story-  Julia. A brown haired beauty who goes to this fancy ass skating school, and has a particular nasty, prep driven ex-boyfriend who has a gang of clones who follow him around and cause struggles for Leo.

While this is happening, a gang of mobsters come into town and their plan is to overturn the local roller rink into an arcade, as a money scheme. The mobsters are appropriately named Gregs and Beef.  Gregs being the genius of the two, and Beef… less so. Though I give the character that plays Beef a gold star for the most ridiculous face making.


The film is pretty straight forward with how the story plays out. You have a struggling protagonist, who struggles with the girl, while trying to save the environment around him. The film ends positively, and that’s that.

What really gives this film the upper hand, is how funny it was at times. Sitting there, laughing your head off and spitting out your coke, is a good feeling. If you’re familiar with Picnic Face and the comedy they deliver, it’s similar to what’s shown in the film.  I also enjoyed how Canadian it was, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Canadian comedy and although simple, a solid constant.

Also! If you like disco, this is definitely for you. I give this: 3 DISCO DICKS OUT OF FIVE.




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