Caramel (2007), Nadine Labaki


I watched this movie ages ago. It was right after seeing the film West Beirut and having this huge urge to learn more about Lebanon through film, Nadine Labaki came up. I probably chose very poorly in regard to relevant film choices, but regardless of what I’ve watched so far, I’ve enjoyed immensely.

It’s a romantic-comedy. Focusing on the lives of five women and their troubles whether with aging, with personal relationships and discovery of personal sexuality. I make it sound more serious then the film actually is.  It’s very light hearted and to a western viewer, apparently very true to a sense of living in that part of the world.

Layale, played by Nadine Labaki-  works in a beauty salon in Beirut alongside two others, Nisrine and Rima. For theses three, relationships reign over their characters for the entirety of the film. For Layale, it was a dead end relationship with a married man with a mustache to boot. Nisrine is set to marry into a very conservative family. and she’s not a virgin anymore (an obvious  problem) and last but not least, Rima is understanding her sexuality and falls for a pretty costumer that enters the beauty salon on her fated day. Two other characters, Jamale/ a wanna be actress but is unfortunately aging, and Rose/ the already aged keeper of her sister and who finds her first true love, round out the stories that keep this film together.

I really enjoyed this film. It was heartwarming and you had something different from your usual western romances. The characters were different, but the stories were the same. Chances are that would be a good theme for life among humans.

Another thing to add is considering Lebanon is a very political part of the world- there was no hint whatsoever of any political stance. Keeping solely to the stories of the characters at that current moment.

It’s good, I recommend it.


One comment

  1. Surprisingly good movie. It had its moments and I had a few laughs here and there, but I was surprised there was no mention of how politics plays an integral role in Lebanese life.

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