Circumstance (2011), Maryam Keshavarz


Circumstance is something sort of a different in the world of Iranian cinema, as it explores young sexuality/homosexuality in modern Iran, among other subjects. It has a girly feel too, even though there are definite male dominating characters.

The story centers around two girls, Atefeh (c0mes from a wealthy family, and is categorized as the rebellious one) and Shireen (her best friend, and orphaned by executed anti-government intellectuals ).  Scenes of parties, drugs, dressing fairly hip, but still having to cover their heads and hiding from parents are shown, with the eventual love store between them being introduced. Only to be disturbed when Atefeh’s brother, Mehran moves back home.

He moves back home to find solitude, escaping the drug addict he use to be. He’s also the dark, stormy and handsome type who also plays the piano. He eventually returns to the mosque to find balance in his life, but it leads him into a drastic life of Islamic fundamentalism. At worst, he starts to become obsessed with Shireen. The film continues on, with drama ending it all.

Maryam Keshavarz is an American educated director, but she pulls huge influences from her experiences in Iran/The United States. I really enjoyed the fact that the scenes were relatable in one sense or another for me, a young person living the western ways. I had an opinion, but I definitely could relate to the way they were thinking.

If you’re into female powered movies, I highly recommend this. If you’re into learning about Iranian culture (in some sense), I recommend this. If you just want a good drama- watch it.



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