Being John Malkovich (1999), Spike Jonze


I didn’t initially know what I was getting into when I started watching this movie. I can’t remember why I chose it.  But I was pleasantly surprised, the movie wasn’t a dud in any sense of the word. I was also surprised to have Cameron Diaz in the film- so I didn’t know what I was expecting

Categorized a Fantasy- Comedy, so  you know you’re into something special. The film centers around a man named Craig Schwartz, an unemployed puppeteer.    He lives with eccentric animal loving girlfriend (Cameron Diaz) in a small New York apartment. Craig eventually finds a job as an office clerk on the 7 and a half floor of the Mertine Flemmer Building.  Which is silly, because during the film you have the cast walking around hunched over, while doing their usual office duties.

He eventually finds a secret passage way behind a printer that leads to the inside head of John Malkovich, the rest is history.

First off, I am a sucker for New York films. Something about them gives me a weird vibe starting in the middle pit of my stomach. But let me assure you that’s it is a good vibe.  That being said, this movie was bizarre and it kept me wanting to see what was going to happen next, it was a mixture of the filming style, and the plot line that kept me enjoying- though I’d be the first to admit that there were moments that I felt were a bit dry.

Overall, interesting film and I recommend it to any watcher wanting something different.


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