The Patience Stone (2012), Atiq Rahimi


I found this movie to be weirdly moving. It might have been because of the environment that surrounds me right now. I’ve been enclosed locked in my room, trying to ignore my problems while also just watching the evening darkness engulf the rain clouds.

The story is set in an untold part of the middle east, while a war is taking place. A women is the center of the film, with a narrative surrounding how she lives through the day to day madness of a war, while looking after her comatose husband and two young girls. While leaving her children to be looked after by her Aunt, she comes back each day to watch over her husband and eventually tell all her secrets to.

I loved this movie for it’s slowness. I guess on any other day, it might have been not as easy to really get into the film. But with being it was so slow to build up and to add, getting into a passionate rhythm of reading the English subtitles, really helped with the setting of the film.

I don’t know much about the director (Atiq Rahimi), but he wrote a book with the same title as well. Though having enjoyed this film so much, I’m going to try to learn a bit more about this man. Wish me luck.


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